Soundbites från London

16 april, 2013

I söndags var vi på The Digital Minds Conference i London – en heldag ägnad åt vad som händer i den moderna bokbranschen, och vad som kommer att hända härnäst. En fullständigare rapport från denna och Londonmässan i stort kommer, men så här i twittertider såg många talare till att uttrycka sig kort och kärnfullt. Här alltså en samling lösryckta men tänkvärda citat för den moderna publiken.

”In 1976 we were told ’Home taping is killing music’ – it was an incredibly long and healthy death!”
”Fail. Fail better. And succeed in ways we never would have imagined a year or a week ago.”
”We’ve moved from scarcity to abundance, we no longer rely on gatekeepers but on guides, word of mouth, luck. We rely on becoming dandelions, with thousands of seeds thrown to the wind.”
– Neil Gaiman

”You can talk about Spotify all you want – people still don’t like reading short stories. And nobody reads poetry.”
”This is a mere respite, nothing is sacred, everything is changing. We are in the changing room at half-time, having an orange, we’ll soon be back for the second half.”
– Will Atkinson, Faber

”Charles Dickens was the Metallica of his day – ’Why does he want to make money off his books?’”
”The Guardian will go out of business in couple of years, and its last piece will be an article by Cory Doctorow explaining why free is the best model.”
”People like Amazon and Netflix because it’s EASY. People aren’t price sensitive, they’re convenience sensitive. 10-15% of users will never want to pay. Forget them and focus on ease of use and the right price.”
”Don’t take business advice from people who write for free!”
– Robert Levine, författare

”We don’t have Amazon. Korea is the grave of foreign players. We kicked out Walmart.”
– Robert Kim, iPortfolio

”Copyright will lose relevance and fade, like laws against horse poop in the street.”
”Startups have to fail fast and fail cheap. Title selection is neither, so we have to find other places to fail.”
– Richard Nash, Small Demons

”You can publish 2,000 books on Amazon, and people will buy the one book they remember and never even see the other 1,999.”
– Darren Nash,

”The great thing about a digital-first environment is that if something is failing, you can change it really quickly.”
– Donna Condon, Harlequin Mills & Boon

”Do we really need to call it destruction (of the book industry)? …Oh, DISRUPTION. Sorry.”
– Pablo Defendini, Safari, svarar på frågor från publiken

”People don’t pay extra for enhanced ebooks nobody wants. You want to spend £10,000 a video… like the free ones on Youtube?”
– Mark Witkowski, Jouvé

”The most experimental digital authors of the last 10 years – Shakespeare, Dickens, Shelley – have been dead.”
”Everyone knows the name of their favourite film directors or music producers, nobody knows their favourite book editor.”
– Sophie Rochester, The Literary Platform

”A few years ago, admitting to being self-published was like standing up on a stage and saying ’HEY EVERYBODY, I MASTURBATE!’”
– Mark Lefebvre, Kobo

”Self publishers are learning how to outsell traditional publishers, with equally good products, at lower cost. If we don’t add significant value for the author and significant value for the reader, we’re all going to go extinct.”
”Most self-published authors don’t sell.”
– Mark Coker

”James Joyce said it: ’Mistakes are the very portals of discovery.’”
– Rick Joyce

”There are too many one night stands in publishing. Publishers seduce readers, then forget about them. You need to start data-ing your readers.”
– Anna Rafferty, Penguin



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